On the 23rd of July 2018, wildfire erupted in the Southern Penteli area, afflicting the Rafina, Neos Voutzas and Mati areas, burning 5.000.000 square meters and leaving behind 100 casualties.


Thanks to the immediate and overwhelming support of individuals, companies and foundations, we have been able to raise a significant amount, for projects of relief and rebuilding in the afflicted areas.


From the first day, we have participated in NGO and municipality networks, are in constant and direct communication with social services and Rafina and Marathon Municipality officials and conduct regular visits in the area, fulfilling immediate and urgent needs and looking for a timely and suitable rebuilding project.


With your trust that Desmos utilizes your donations in the best way possible, we are currently planning the reconstruction and renovation of children’s playgrounds that have been completely destroyed or rendered unusable by the fires. The project will begin at the only playgrounds at the heart of the most severely afflicted areas, in Mati and Neos Voutzas, and hopefully we will gradually be able to include all the area’s playgrounds.


This project:

– Addresses a vital need in the area

– Gives valuable support to children and families that still live and/or visit the area

– Regenerates public spaces within the afflicted areas, in which family, neighborhood, and community bonds are formed and nurtured

– Inspires a positive and optimistic narrative around which the afflicted communities may begin to heal


The entire Desmos team would like to express our deepest gratitude for your commitment to this important cause, and for your confidence in our mission and operation to generate maximum positive impact through this and all our projects.


Stay tuned.