The 2nd Elementary School of Xanthi is in its second year of participation in the program and has already founded a charitable organization called “Odos Oniron” (Street of Dreams) that has taken on the renovation and revival of a pedestrian street neighboring the school, into an operational and pleasing public space for all named “Odos Oneiron”. The students raised awareness about the significance of their project and a wide range of other causes, such as donating blood, safe driving (through their collaboration with the Cycling Club “The Pegasus”) as well as the proper behavior of animal owners and their animals through the collaboration with the Animal Rescue Group of Xanthi.

Moreover, throughout the year the “I Care & Act” team organized open celebrations on “Odos Oniron” for flower cultivation and care, culminating in the “Painting Marathon” celebration inviting the entire town to participate!

With the slogan “I paint my dream neighborhood”, the citizens of Xanthi were invited to get to know each other and the Odos Oniron volunteers and each create a painting depicting how they would like their neighborhood to be. The public’s response was touching as everyone was eager to act as an “active neighbor”, also contributing significantly to the drive the students organized on the same day, collecting food products and supplies, which they donated to the Social Market of Xanthi. Odos Oniron was decorated with flyers and posters with the motto “Take what you need” and the children presented snapshots of their fruitful collaboration with Action Aid, finally forming the shape of a heart, “The Heart of the Volunteer”, with their bodies. Odos Oniron, thanks to the students of the neighboring school, has been filled with dreams and love for the citizens of Xanthi.

The 2nd Elementary School of Xanthi is also part of a four-school collaboration in aiming to raise awareness about volunteerism, solidarity and active citizenship. Their main event took place at Xanthi’s main plaza, in the context of the annual youth celebrations organized by the municipality. The students, with the support of the Music School composed and performed the “Song of Volunteerism and Solidarity” sharing a message of hope and positive change.

To watch a short video on the school’s activities, click here!