Healthcare is a universal human right everyone should have access to.


Thousands of people have no access to healthcare services, diagnostic tests, medication and treatment. Public hospitals, charitable organizations and healthcare facilities are under-equipped, understaffed and overwhelmed by the growing number of those needing their help. With your support, we can help significantly.

1 in 10
people living in poverty have never had a check-up.

The decrease of government social expenditure on health between 2011 and 2015.

10 years of life.
The average cost of low public spending on health and negligence of preventive healthcare for Greeks.

Over €580,000
have been generated through Desmos for the support of the healthcare sector in Greece.

Over €150,000.
The public sector savings thanks to our activity supporting the health of our people.

78% of the needs in medication 
provided by social pharmacies to people in need are covered thanks to donations by individuals.


See how we make a difference, thanks to your support.