Ten years into the financial crisis, we have seen a serious deterioration in public healthcare exposing hospitals critically low on staff, essential basic medical supplies, medicine and equipment.  Specifically, national data show that healthcare spending has decreased approximately 40% compared to 2009, mainly due to the contraction in Government and Social Security coverage. This basically means that people these days get less treatment for free.

Public hospitals have cut their budgets almost 50% resulting in major shortages in essential medical supplies such as syringes, gauze, alcohol etc. but also in human resources, while equipment is outdated or insufficient for the needs of the served population.  Furthermore, budget cuts have led to lack of cleaning products resulting in inadequate sanitation becoming contamination sources for patients, visiting people and the doctors and staff. Figures by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control revealed that about 10% of patients in Greece have developed fatal infections in the hospital, with an estimated 3.000 deaths attributed to them.

Overall, vulnerable populations must wait for months for specialized diagnostic exams or have to travel 3 or more hours to receive the medical care they need, due to the inability of their local hospital to treat them.

We contribute anyway we can to quality healthcare and we support hospitals across the country in collaboration with the administration to cover their priority needs in supplies such as syringes, cotton wool, gloves, gauzes, sanitizers, cleaning material etc., and specialized medical equipment, such as hospital beds, oxygen bases, wheelchairs, examination instruments and equipment etc.

“With every big or small donation to our hospital, you support our optimal operation and work and therefore the quality of treatment we offer to children.” - Ioannis Papadatos, Director of the I.C.U. at the General Childrens' Hospital

To help you navigate your giving more efficiently and with maximum impact we place at the core of our contribution and processes the constant documentation of healthcare needs around Greece according to priority, cost, beneficiaries, and other criteria.

Up to date we have supported through our projects hospitals and public medical centers in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Kilkis and Central Greece, with donations exceeding € 45,000 in total value. Thanks to you we have equiped doctors and hospital staff with the necessary means to provide critical and qualitative medical treatment to vulnerable people.

Your donation, no matter how small or big can literally save lives. Let’s do this together!