Let’s build your company’s CSR projects together.

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Let’s build your company’s CSR projects together.

Let’s talk business.

Finding a project that fits your company’s CSR culture is not easy.

We are here to help your company become the perfect match for more than 800 charitable organizations, causes and initiatives. Here’s how we work:


We strive to always know what’s going on by documenting and prioritizing the needs of charitable organizations and providing unique insight about Greece’s biggest challenges.

Tailor-made services

We fit your needs, by designing targeted projects for your special interests: health, social welfare, education, unemployment, emergency relief and much more.

Project Management

We take care of the whole process. We handle communications, logistics, reporting and impact assessment so you don’t have to.

Assessment Report

We think and talk in numbers. We measure the impact of your giving in a data-driven assessment. We want you to feel as sure as we do about the results of our collaboration.


We eliminate malpractice by keeping our operation lean and reporting on every aspect of your donation. You are invited to participate in every step.


We are inspired by helping charitable organizations provide goods and services for those in need. We know you will be too.

Learn more about our impact! Read on about our work and main areas of focus or browse through our impact report, conducted by Deloitte, to see how your help is amplified.