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Finding a project that fits your company’s CSR culture is not easy.


We are here to help your company become the perfect match for more than 800 charitable organizations, causes and initiatives.


Here’s how we work:


  • Research: We document the needs of charitable organizations and propose giving opportunities for all sectors: health, social welfare, education, unemployment, emergency relief, and many more.
  • Project management: Tell us what inspires you and we will make it happen. Desmos designs every step of your CSR project based on your company’s culture and priorities. Our goal is to achieve maximum benefit for both you and the cause you support.
  • Transparency: We continuously monitor and filter welfare receptors, so that your donation ends up to those who are really in need.
  • Assessment: We measure the impact of your giving initiative and offer a data-driven assessment. We want you to feel as proud as we do with the results of your giving initiative.



Learn more about our impact! Read on about our work and main areas of focus or browse through our impact report, conducted by Deloitte, to see how your help is amplified.