Another inspiring initiative to support the “Desmos for Schools” program was this of the company that contacted us to discuss how the could contribute to the development of local communities. Schools in remote regions of Greece were selected for this collaboration, with the goal to support small towns where schools act as community centers and demonstrate exceptional work with students during curricular and extracurricular activities. Following our process of detailed communication with directors, teachers and counsellors of the schools, measuring qualitative and quantitative details regarding the work of schools, we compiled a proposal towards our donors who decided which schools to support through their donation. Our goal, as always, was to stream donations where they are mostly needed, where they will have maximum usage by trained staff and teams with skills and a vision for their students and communities, ensuring that way maximum impact.

With a final budget exceeding €20,000, we were able to completely cover the needs of 5 schools in Kerkyra, Florina, Astypalaia, Voiotia and Lesvos in modern electronic and sports equipment, as well as every-day needs such as stationery and crafts material. Our help was vital not only for the improvement of the quality of education for the 664 students of these 5 schools, but also for the parallel and ongoing development of their respective local communities, since schools in remote areas away from urban centers are crucial parts of the society!