desmos (n.) a bond that holds things together


The OECD Better Life Index places Greece below average in income and wealth, civic engagement, housing, environmental quality, subjective well-being, social connections, work-life balance, personal security, education and skills, and jobs and earnings.

1 in 3
Greeks live at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

The drop of public spending on healthcare between 2011-2015.

Poor health is directly connected to poverty.

Vulnerable groups are left without resources
that could normally prevent and treat disease.

More than 50% of Greeks
believe that charitable organizations are untrustworthy.

The need for a strong third sector is more pressing than ever.


We constantly strive to be the most impactful giving hub in Greece and help charitable organizations better serve their mission; support those in need. Read on some highlights about our work or jump directly to our impact report for an in-depth introduction to our work!

We cover the needs of charitable organizations through your donations.
In-kind or financial.

We empower charitable organizations,
people and communities. We educate our partners and grow with them.

At the end of the day…
We inspire giving every day to change the lives of those in need!


We identify social needs and effectively channel resources where they can truly make a difference. Our goal is to constantly innovate our giving processes and ensure that every donation achieves high-impact giving.

lives changed. And counting.

charitable organizations across Greece receive ongoing support through Desmos.

of these organizations consider Desmos highly necessary for the coverage of their needs.

Needs coverage & empowerment:
the main benefits of collaborating with Desmos according to charitable organizations.

of donors would recommend Desmos to other potential donors.

Easy, impactful, transparent:
how donors and charitable organizations describe their experience with Desmos.


Our operation is lean, efficient and results-oriented. We constantly innovate our giving processes to ensure that every donation achieves high-impact giving. But let’s talk numbers.

€ 7,071,000
The economic output generated for society, through the activity of Desmos.

€ 1,464,000
Public sector income and savings generated through the activity of Desmos.

For every €1 donated to Desmos, €9 in value is generated for society.

Browse through our impact report, to learn more about our work and impact so far.



Desmos was founded by a group of young, dynamic people with a vision of changing and evolving giving in Greece.