Work With Us


Working together is the only way to create a third sector we can be proud of.

In the midst of challenges, we are so inspired through being part of the incredibly creative and productive third sector in Greece. Let’s join forces for the big picture and help mold the landscape of our civil society for long-term positive impact.

Here’s how we work:

  • Research: We document the needs of charitable organizations and design targeted programs to provide solutions in all sectors: health, social welfare, education, unemployment, emergency relief, and many more.
  • Project management: A grant towards Desmos equals a multiplied number of organizations being the end beneficiaries, with us undertaking all in-between communications and monitoring the implementation and progress of projects. We decide together upon priorities and achieve maximum positive impact.
  • Transparency: We continuously monitor and filter welfare receptors, so that donations end up to those who are really in need.
  • Assessment: We measure the impact of your giving and offer a data-driven assessment. We want you to feel as proud as we do with the results of our collaboration.
  • Synergies: We bring together donors from Greece and abroad, to lead positive change, while we are always glad to offer our insight on the third sector and the real needs of our society.