Placing emphasis on one of Greece’s most vulnerable groups, the elderly population, the TIMA Charitable Foundation has helped define our activities and projects in this light. Together we have dedicated efforts to improve the quality of life and care of senior citizens in care homes and help raise awareness about the challenges of ageing in Greece.

Blessed with an open channel of communication and exchange between us, Desmos and TIMA Charitable Foundation have collaborated on social welfare projects for the elderly with real, tangible impact. Together we were able to immediately respond to the terrible damages incurred in Kefalonia in January 2014, after severe earthquakes raked the island for more than a week, outfitting the oldest and largest Municipal Care Home for the Elderly with 27 state-of-the-art hospital beds, significantly improving the daily lives of both patients and staff.

Furthermore, the TIMA Charitable Foundation has contributed instrumentally to our “Desmos Gives Warmth” program for 2 consecutive years, helping provide heating fuel to elderly care homes throughout Greece. Through the foundation’s support we have helped approximately 3,000 elderly residents of 66 care homes keep warm during winter months.