“Desmos Gives Warmth” has been Desmos’ core social welfare program since 2012, covering a top priority need in our society since 2012.  

In 2012, the financial crisis had already exposed a wide range of social and humanitarian needs across the country. Greece was going through a very cold winter season, while gas prices went soaring. As a result, schools, shelters, seniors’ homes, and orphanages across the country, especially in impoverished and remote areas of Northern Greece, were unable to cover heating fuel expenses and were forced to suspend their operations and even shut down.

Identifying this problem of national dimensions, Desmos decided to step in, developing the program “Desmos Gives Warmth”, currently in its sixth year. Through “Desmos Gives Warmth” a wide range of companies, foundations and individual donors have been able to give children an uninterrupted education, but also provide a warm and safe environment for thousands of people in need.

“We would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for being by our side yet another year. We were able to remain warm during the winter thanks to you!” – Ioanna Tzoukopoulou, principal of the Primary School of Tranovaltos, Kozani

Since 2012, through “Desmos Gives Warmth”, we have distributed 560 tons of heating fuel to 314 charitable organizations and schools at every corner of Greece thanks to corporate, foundation and individual donations that exceeded €582,278 and, ultimately, “gave warmth” to 16,539 people in need.

Without the support of Desmos and our partners, many of the beneficiary organizations were in danger of closing during the winter months. Indicatively, according to the impact report of Desmos conducted by Deloitte, 9 out of 10 organizations supported through the “Desmos Gives Warmth” program stated that they wouldn’t have been able to cover their needs in heating, had it not been for “Desmos Gives Warmth”.

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