With pride and excitement, we are pleased to announce the official start of the second round of “Care and Act”.

fter the program’s very successful pilot season during the 2015-2016 school year, when hundreds of events of active social contribution took place through the participation of 66 Greek schools, 321 teachers, and 5.498 students, the journey continues!

In the second round of the program during the 2016-2017 school year, we are welcoming 150 Greek schools which will participate in this endeavor. Sixty six of them have returned from the pilot season, while 84 new schools are joining and strengthening the “I Care and Act” network, an educational program that started through the initiative of Desmos (www.desmos.org) and its collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation (www.lrf.gr).

“I Care and Act” is a learning program aiming to instill the values of volunteering, solidarity, and active citizenship in children. The vision of the initiators and members of the program is to create a society where “us” is more important than “me”!

The program utilizes educational materials that have been created specifically for its purposes and approved by the Ministry of Education. Its activities center on the continual training of teachers through face-to-face and distance support and the introduction of innovative practices in schools so children and teenagers who participate can unfold their empathy, develop their critical thinking, reflect on our community and their role in it, and finally place the common/societal good above their own personal interests.

At the end of its run, it is expected that the program will directly benefit more than 450 instructors and 8.500 learners from all over Greece; from Xanthi to Crete, Lesbos, and Zakynthos!

The program’s implementation is enabled thanks to the kind donations of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Lambrakis Foundation, to which we extend our warm gratitude!