The Primary School of Adamas in Milos has participated in the program “I Care & Act” for two years in a row and carried out excellent projects which were proposed by the students themselves and which are linked to the local history and environmental characteristics of the island! Their purpose is raising the residents’ and tourists’ awareness about the natural beauty of the island, which has been forgotten.

The children decided to take action for the establishment of the Museum of Algae and they carried out all the legal procedures required by the municipality, which accepted their proposal. The children worked really hard and created a file with information, photos, videos and testimonies of the residents of the island concerning algae. They managed to film a short-movie about the importance of rescuing algae and the correct exploitation of it. The students/directors of the film have given it to the municipality, the museums, the tourist agency of the island, businesses and people with whom they have collaborated in order for them to distribute it for free to the visitors of the island. On top of that, the children participated in a play based on salt, the profit of which was donated to children with special needs.

Continuing their action during the school year 2016-17, in collaboration with the students of the Technical School, they created an outdoor classroom at the school’s facilities, they collected books, which they donated to the library of the EPAL in Milos, while also creating an outdoor lending exchange library accessible to everyone.

At the same time, the children constructed a magazine stand and a storeroom at the entry of the port, where free brochures and scientific magazines were displayed, in order for passengers to have the option of reading them while waiting for their ship. Furthermore, they wrote solidarity messages on lanterns and small boats, as well as, lyrics of poets and quotes on DIY placards, which traveled everywhere around the island in order to raise awareness among the citizens concerning solidarity, volunteering and active citizenship.

The actions of the school include the aesthetic redevelopment of the school and the surrounding area, by painting floor games, planting trees, cleaning the beaches of Lagada and Papikinos in Milos, creating a recycling campaign of paper, batteries, as well as, the development of the regional road which is right outside the school. At the same time, the students participated in the permanent exhibition of traditional toys, for which the children created traditional toys with the help of their grandparents. Additionally, in a playful manner, the children created figures concerning health and offered them to the public in exchange for a wish and a symbolic donation. Thus, the money that they collected was offered to the Health Center.

This year’s “I Care & Act” program peaked for the Primary School of Adamas in Milos due to the familiarisation and promotion of the Ancient Theater of the island, located five minutes away from the port, and its history. The children saw their theater and collaborated with the Association DIAZOMA for its correct preservation and promotion, while creating a tourist guide, and taking the responsibility of showing tourists around. The volunteering team of the school created the first theatrical play of ancient drama, the ORNITHES of Aristophanes, which was presented on the 25th of June with great success.

At a great collaboration between schools that came up thanks to the interconnection of the schools in the program “I Care & Act”, the Primary School of Adamas invited and welcomed the Special Primary School for the Blinds in Kallithea. The students of Milos had taken care of the accessibility of the area and created signs in Braille, in order for their fellow students from Athens to be able to watch the play. Finally, the children of the Primary School of Adamas guided their visitors around the beauties of their island, while taking care of all accessibility issues and showing respect to the special needs of their guests! You can learn more about the actions of Adamas in Milos in the framework of the “I Care & Act” program by clicking here.