Desmos actively emphasized on children’s needs and protection since its founding in 2012. Τhrough our work, we have been able to contribute to the work of more than 1000 Child Welfare institutions and organizations. Through specialized nationwide programs and a wide range of projects we aim to improve the daily lives of children; especially those the most vulnerable.

Through our projects, we aim to provide a warm and safe environment for all children.

We continuously provide assistance for everyday needs such as nutritional goods for children in homes, but also cover needs such as heating for school classrooms. We aim to improve the educational process for thousands of children in Greece, helping provide equal opportunities in learning, through the program “Desmos for Schools”.

Envisioning a better future for our world, we created the innovative educational program “I Care and Act“, which cultivates the notions of Volunteering, Solidarity, and Giving to the younger generations through experiential learning in school.

During the pandemic, we continue supporting Children’s Welfare Institutions and organizations in need. We have donated masks and PPE protective materials, as well as medical equipment to Child Care. We supplied the General Children’s Hospital of Penteli with a portable radiograph, enhancing the hospital’s diagnostic capability during COVID-19.

In order to improve life in quarantine, we offered, among other things, electronic and home equipment to 21 Children’s Welfare institutions, in order to cover – to the extent possible, the void created by protection measures and the required isolation of children, facilitating communication with their relatives and attending their online school lessons. 

We continue offering every day through our work.

We stand by those in need.