It is our fundamental belief that all children should have access to a qualitative and stimulating education, no matter where they live. “Desmos for Schools” is a program designed and developed by Desmos with the goal to make sure that we may encourage children widen their horizons and help them reach their full potential, while we facilitate the work of teachers across the country at the same time. Children with access to a rich learning environment lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Working closely with schools throughout Greece in multiple projects and programs, we have come to understand that in addition to shortages in teachers and school books, schools are facing difficulties in their daily operation such as shortages in cleaning supplies,  heating fuel and even stationary. In more schools than one could imagine, teachers are forced to give out hand-written exercise sheets because their schools does not have printers or copiers. Of course more sophisticated equipment such as smart-boards, robotics kits or even computer labs is more of a dream for most schools.

In many communities, especially in small islands or in remote villages, schools have become the de facto community hub, because they are the only place for literally all members of the community to access a library, a computer or even wi-fi.

Inspired teachers and parents all over Greece really go the extra mile to address these challenges, but they need all the help they can get. We know that, so we contact schools all around the country, from urban centers to remote villages in islands or the mainland, document their needs and understand their impact on the local community. As we do in every project, we undertake all market research, budgeting, purchase and delivery coordination processes as well as collecting related documents and photos to compile a complete final report of your impact.

“For yet another school year you are my only hope and source of optimism!” Eleni Dala, Kindergarten teacher from the Kindergarten of Agios Athanasios, Xanthi

Through “Desmos for Schools” we equip schools with basic supplies such as stationary, arts & crafts, sports equipment and IT hardware (computer, laptops, projectors, printers etc.), as well as more specialized tech equipment such as robotics kits, smart boards and 3D printers. Thanks to regular communication with more than — schools, we are proud to receive enthusiastic feedback from teachers, parents and students,who have seen their daily lives change significantly thanks to this program. At the same time, we make a point of visiting our beneficiary schools and invite you to join us, to experience first-hand how instrumental your donations significantly transform the educational experience of children around Greece.

Since 2012, thanks to individual and corporate donations exceeding €220.650, we have been able to equip 116 schools in 63 areas across Greece with necessary material and equipment enriching the educational environment and process for more than 12.000 students.

Help us give kids the supplies they need to succeed!