YES! HOTELS have joined Desmos’ network of contributors to the program “Desmos for Schools”.

Guests of YES! HOTELS contribute to the program through the “One Euro, One Life” scheme, which caters for the provision of necessary equipment and infrastructure to schools in need all over Greece.

“Desmos for Schools” provides support by donating:
Stationery, arts and sports goods
Computers, printers, projectors etc
Advanced technological equipment for robotics systems, interactive teaching boards, 3d printers, etc.

The equipment enables children to access quality education with up-to-date methods, and helps them shape the future they can dream about.

Inspired teachers and parents all over Greece are making a huge effort to respond to the challenges, but they also need the help of each and every one of us. Since 2012, thanks to the donations of individuals and companies, over 183,450€ has been collected. With the proceeds we have been able to support 95 schools in 54 different regions in Greece with essential items, enriching the educational environment for over 8,680 schoolchildren!
Read more about the program here.