People in their elder years face multiple adversities on a day-to-day basis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and their increased vulnerability to the virus, render the elderly among the most vulnerable social groups. They need our support and affection now more than ever..

The elderly are facing increasing needs for medical and pharmaceutical supplies in order to be better protected. At the same time, they are socially isolated because of their vulnerability, which has been detrimental both for their daily lives and their mental health.

The 100 Senior Care Units and other organizations caring for the elderly throughout Greece confirm these challenges and concerns. Desmos has chosen to make the support of the elderly a priority, 

This year, in addition to recurring needs such as nutrition and heating, we have chosen to focus our efforts to respond to the emergency needs during the pandemic. 

Since March 2020 we have launched our campaign to support charitable organizations in response to COVID-19 and managed to raise the necessary resources to support Senior Care Units and senior care organizations by providing medical supplies and essential medical equipment.

We provided Senior Care Units with necessary equipment, such as nebulizers, oximeters, sphygmomanometer, and masks, to strengthen their capacity to protect and care for the elderly. 

To help the elderly in Senior Care Units cope with the inability to meet and touch their loved ones and their families, we have donated tech equipment, such as tablets and laptops, to help them maintain contact with the outside world.

We continue our work for the elderly: the Desmos for Youth program is dedicating part of the positions it will create to staffing charitable organizations in their effort to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Senior Care Units.

We stand by those in need.