We immediately responded to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, setting as our top priority responding to the needs that would arise from the forecast of its development. Our goal was the immediate support and protection of the vulnerable groups of our country.

We immediately reached out to over 600 organizations in our network to learn and document their needs in the context of the COVID-19 Response measures. Within a very short period, we obtained a thorough understanding of what was urgently needed and what would be most helpful to these organizations to better protect themselves and address the challenges of this unprecedented crisis.

Our fundraising efforts started with an open call to individuals, companies, and charitable foundations. So far we have raised over €537.463,27 from 293+ donors and have distributed a range of donations in kind, estimated to have exceeded €1.200.000 in value.

Our first major corporate donation came from the Insurance Group Eurolife FFH that entrusted us to provide important PPE supplies and medical equipment to Social Welfare Centers throughout Greece, under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. 

Many companies also contributed with valuable donations in products and equipment, adding considerable resources in covering critical needs. Thrace Plastics Group SA. trusted us for managing the amazing donation of 2.253.430 surgical masks. With the immense support of ACS Couriers, we managed to deliver the single-use masks to 280 charitable organizations throughout the country, in support of the most vulnerable groups.  

Olympia Group (Public & Media Markt) braced our efforts with a significant donation of 45.000€ worth of electronics and household appliances that were used to cover needs for 21 Children’s Welfare Organizations, 

Google Community Grants Fund of the USA approved a $100,000 donation for Desmos, allowing us to provide essential food aid to 49 charities throughout Greece, covering basic needs that remained unmet due to the unexpected operating expenses that came up in the effort of meeting the needs for the pandemic

Thanks to all of you and to the amazing help of our supporters we have already provided medical and pharmaceuticals supplies, personal hygiene products, disinfectants and antiseptics, protective, medical and technological equipment, household appliances, cleaning products, food relief, and even means of transportation for home care services for the elderly.

We purchased and distributed more than 13,000 antiseptics worth €20,110 to cover the needs of 80 organizations and  512,600 single-use protective gloves of a total value €42,980 that were distributed to 64 organizations in support of vulnerable individuals throughout Greece!
A total of 5.012ltr of
hand sanitizers and 400ltr of antiseptic surface cleansers were distributed in order to shield them against the pandemic.

We supplied important medical equipment to the General Children’s Hospitals of Penteli (portable radiograph), Aglaia Kyriakou (special air filtration machine), and the Georgios Gennimatas Hospital (bronchoscope).

We have a lot of work ahead of us! 

But every day we are inspired by the people who want to give, the ones that motivate others in giving, that talk about Desmos, consult us, and join forces with us, that is, by all of you.