For the 4th consecutive year the “Desmos for schools” program continues to cover needs of remote schools across Greece. This year, the program kick started thanks to the generous initiative of a family to invite the guests at their daughter’s christening to support “Desmos for schools” program in lieu of gifts.

The initiative of the couple gathered the financial resources with which we equipped with the most modern electronic equipment, sports equipment, stationery and toys 14 schools throughout the territory of Florina and Xanthi until Crete. In this way, the school and everyday life of 1,354 students has improved and has helped them acquire the necessary resources to further their progress.

We even had the chance to see the joy in the students’ eyes during our visit to the Primary School of Rethymno and Lemnos, to get briefed by the teachers about the work done and the difficulties encountered due to shortcomings, allowing us to understand the real impact of the donation.