Desmos carried out the Program “Desmos for Schools”, for the third consecutive year, covering the needs of schools in remote areas of the Aegean and of Northern Greece through private donations!

This year, Desmos cooperated with the organisation Agoni Grammi Gonimi in order to cover some of the needs of workshops that take place in various schools in remote islands of the Aegean. In this way we managed to cover needs of ceramics, jewelry, Yoga and Pilates classes in which 12 students participate, developing skills and talents that they did not know they had until today. The largest part of the Desmos donation covered standing needs of the schools in electronic equipment and stationary.

We had the opportunity to travel with the organization Agoni Grammi Gonimi and the Public Orchestra of Athens to the Aperathos village of Naxos and Donousa in order to attend the closing ceremonies of the violin, guitar and Kung Fu workshops and to witness what the children learned during the school year!

With “Desmos for Schools” we covered the needs of 17 schools in 17 remote areas of Greece helping 1,898 students!