After two highly creative years of implementation in 190 schools across the country,

including special schools and second-chance schools, with the enthusiastic participation of 1,323 teachers and over 18,000 students, we are very proud to announce that we are beginning the third consecutive year of the innovative educational program “I Care & Act.”

“I Care & Act” mobilizes children to take action about everything they care about in their environment, actively participating in finding solutions to challenges in their communities! The program’s uniqueness is that it places experiential learning at its core: students are guided to identify social and humanitarian issues that they find concerning, discuss them in class and decide together where they want to focus. Most importantly, once they reach a decision, they must act to provide a solution for the issue. “I Care & Act” literally takes students out of the classroom and urges them to seek meaningful connections beyond their school environment and to acknowledge and understand that they are able to participate actively in society.

For a taste of the wide range of projects and activities produced by students throughout Greece for “I Care & Act” please see all relevant posts in the section Programs – “I Care & Act” on Desmos’ website as well as information, pictures and testimonies on the program’s website

This year’s program is run in collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation and is made possible thanks to the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the A. K. Laskaridis Foundation, and the Bodossakis Foundation.