“It was a pleasure to meet you in person during this creative weekend. I really want to congratulate you on your initiative to create this program. I am delighted by the messages you want to share, it has given me hope for the future and for a better society. Thank you for reminding me that I can still change the world”.

This beautiful response came from a school at a remote island of the Aegean Sea after taking part at the 3-day Experiential Training Seminar for teachers and professors, conducted by Desmos Non-Profit Foundation, and the Lambrakis Foundation for the program “Noiazomai kai Dro” (I care and act). The seminar took place in Athens from 9th – 11th October and was attended by 120 teachers from 60 schools across the country, who will participate in the pilot phase of the program, during the 2015-2016 academic year.

“Noiazomai kai Dro” aims at activating and consolidating a sense of community service in students between 11 and 15 years of age through the implementation of experiential learning in 60 schools across Greece regarding volunteerism, solidarity and active citizenship. It involves the use of educational material specifically created for this project and approved by the Ministry of Education. It focuses both on teacher training, and the introduction of innovative practices in schools so that children and adolescents taking part can develop their empathy, cultivate their critical thinking, think about the society that surrounds us and our role in it and ultimately centre around “We” instead of “I”.

It is expected that upon completion of the pilot phase, the program will directly benefit 205 teachers and 3,300 students across Greece, from Xanthi to Crete and from Lesbos to Zakynthos!

The realization of the program is made possible thanks to the valuable support of various charitable foundations which we want to thank.

-Creation of Training materials and pilot implementation in 10 schools in Attica:

This action is funded as part of the program We are All Citizens which is part of the EEA Grants for Greece. Grant Administrator of the program is the Bodossakis Foundation. The goal of the program is the cultivation of charitable giving in Greek society and the reinforcement of social justice, democracy and sustainable growth.

-Extension of the Pilot implementation of the program to an additional 50 schools in 12 regions of the country:

This was funded by the generous donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, contributing greatly to the expansion and effectiveness of the program!

Finally, we would like to wholeheartedly thank the hotels New Hotel and Semiramis, part of the YES!HOTELS Association, which offered their premises, equipment and excellent service for our training sessions, as well as the Menoo which offered the cold meals and drinks.

Thanks to all of your valuable contribution, the training was a great experience both for the organizers and the participants!