The Desmos team visited the participants of the program “Desmos for youth” at their workplace! We learnt about their work, their progress over the last few months, the impact they see around them and discussed the next steps!

First visitThe Bridge where they talked to us about the work and actions of the organization. From the Social Street Work, which constitutes the core of their activities, to the support of the homeless and those in need with aid packages, the psychological and social support and educational visits to schools to inform and raise awareness of students and mapping the needs they identify in Athens and Piraeus. With the completion of this project, for which Iro is responsible, all accumulated knowledge and information that lies within the organization’s human resources as well as everyone that deals with this sector, will be able to be visualized and organized in such a way that aids the effective delivery of humanitarian aid to the people in need.

We found the Aggigma Zois at their stand at the Flower Exhibition of Kifisia, where they had a vivid presence, both when informing the crowd that showed interest and through events for children and adults. We talked about the psychological, medical and social support provided to cancer patients and their families, the contribution of Valantis to the daily operations and growth of the organization, as well as to the awareness activities run by Aggigma Zois, covering topics like prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are very happy to hear that the organisation has expanded their plans and we are looking forward to our next meeting; we wish them all the best for the future!

We met Mikaela, employed by the “Nestor” Psychogeriatric Association, who is there every Friday and performs free memory tests and information sessions for interested residents! Thanks to the program “Desmos for Youth” “Nestor” Psychogeriatric Association has been able to sustain and expand the program “I do not forget my memory” in 6 municipalities across Athens. The participating municipalities are the following:

– Municipality of Nea Filadelfeia – Chalkidona
– Municipality of Aigaleo
– Municipality of Galatsi
– Municipality of Petroupoli
– Municipality of Vrilissia
– Municipality of Kifisia
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We continue with our visits and next up is EEA “MARGARITA”! There, Rozmari is in charge of the Cafeteria Lab and along with her students they offered us delicious handmade delicacies, more specifically ice cream and cookies! We discussed the evolution of the Lab, as well as the improvement in the recording and encoding of the processes, to create a detailed guide! Next, we were given a tour of the premises and labs of the organization and we met Margarita’s people!

At CIVISplus we met Ioanna, who is in charge of the After School-Social School for children of migrants and refugeesVolunteer teachers, guided by Ioanna, design and carry out lessons in Greek as a Foreign Language for the children’s parents, supporting teaching lessons on school material and creative activities for kids. Additionally, Ioanna is responsible for the continuous training and development of the volunteer teachers, in order to ensure they all make the most of their experience participating in the program!

My Checkpoint is the non-clinical prevention and information center for sexual health addressed to the sexually active population, and operates in both Athens and Thessaloniki. It is designed to provide FREE briefings for safer sex, quick HIV tests, and connections with clinics and hospitals in case of positive results. The Ath Checkpoint is at the center of Athens, Pittaki 4, Monastiraki; easily accessible via the subway. Its working hours are Monday-Saturday, between 12:00 and 08:00 pm. Appointments can be made at the offices or by calling (+30) 210 3310400. Thanks to the “Desmos for Youth” programPositive Voice ensured the secretary support of My Checkpoint of Athens for an entire year, a position previously held by volunteers. Rotating schedules and people resulted to dificulties in the proper function and efficiency of the center. Irene (in the center) is the person you can contact for a check-up appointment and information concerning HIV, anonymously and free of charge!

The Melissa Network is a network of Migrant Women who live in Greece. The aim of the organization is to strengthen the migrant women’s community and the ties of organizations benefiting migrant women, through initiatives, programs, and activities, that aim to ensure common benefit and promotion of their requests. The latest article about the work of Melissa was published at The New York Times, while John Kerry also visited their offices some months ago and was deeply inspired by the organization. For this year’s International Women’s Day his message to the world was to follow the steps of these individuals With the addition of Iva as a full-time employee the Network of Migrant Women in Greece “Melissa” can continue to organize programs even more efficiently, establish new co-operations, and offer even more opportunities to its members!

Next, we visited Organization Earth at their offices in the center of Athens, at GI Κ44, where we met Marilena! Marilena is responsible for the planning of Organization Earth’s activities and its educational programs for both children and adults! We discussed the activities of Organization Earth over the past months, including the organisation’s extroverted spirit, and the evolution of the activities at the “Center of Earth”, their involvement with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, as well as their latest initiative, the Earth Refugee, helping with emergency relief of the ongoing refugee crisis.

Our next stop was ANIMA – Association and Protection of WildlifeANIMA aims to help maintain biodiversity, with a specific focus on the relationship between humans and nature, through creating shelters that provide care and foster the reintegration of wild animals into their natural habitat. ANIMA also organizes events and seminars. With Alexia we discussed the program “Desmos for Youth”, how the management of volunteers has changed over the past few months, and about the hatchlings which have lately become the organization’s priority. 

The members of the Open Hospitality House Union Ladies Drama aim to improve the living conditions of vulnerable social groups. The foundation was established in 1904 and now offers medical assistance and drug prescriptions, psychological support, help packages, shelter and art lessons among other services. Eleni impressed us with her detailed presentation featuring the results of her contribution as Manager of the Social Tutoring Center as well as the Mobile School. Through our discussion with the President of the Drama Ladies Union, Charitable Association Against Poverty, as well as with social workers and people in charge of various projects we were able to learn more about the different aspects of their work and how it benefits the local community!

The Non – Profitable Union Society, Love and Giving of “Geronta Paisios” were covered. is based in Trilofos, Thessaloniki and was founded in 2014. Its aim is to support vulnerable social groups by providing them with food, clothing, medical assistance and psychological support. The Social Grocery store, Social Clinic and Social Pharmacy are supported by donations from individuals and companies while the meals offered are prepared exclusively by volunteers. With Marina’s help, the preparation and distribution procedures became more coordinated and systematized. This helped the foundation’s work run more smoothly.

The Special Education Center (KEA) was created in 1982 by parents of kids with special needs and runs as a Center for the Education of People with Mental Disabilities at Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Its purpose is the daily hospitality, care and occupation of people with intellectual disabilities. The benefactors of the center are engaged in plant cultivation and arts and crafts. Their creations are available to the public, and revenue supports the Center’s operation. Thanks to Kostas, who is the only permanent gym teacher at the Center, children have the opportunity to practice on a daily basis. This year the Special Education Center participated with its team at the Special Olympics held in Loutraki and the children managed to excel!