Update! The new deadline for applications is Sunday, October 25th, 2015.


Last month – after having mobilized 13,885 individuals from around the world for one purpose: to actively help the Greek people in these tough times through Desmos – the Greek Crowdfund Campaign campaign was completed!

As Thom Feeney, the initiator of this campaign, said: “This is a humanitarian crisis, not just an economic crisis, and it’s about bloody time someone did something.”. Within just two weeks, with the moving contribution of thousands of our fellow citizens from 67 countries around the world, the Greek Crowdfund raised € 289.152*!

Desmos is pleased to announce the launch of the program “Desmos for Youth”, which aims to address the constantly rising youth unemployment in Greece that has reached a peak the past years, due to the current socio-economic crisis. The funds raised via the Greek Crowdfund Campaign enabled us to design the program “Desmos for Youth”through which Desmos will help charitable organizations in need of manpower create jobs for young people aged 18-28 years, for one year.

Desmos’ vision is for this programme to become the foundation for refined training, preparation and integration of young people into the field of NGOs and humanitarian work. We hope that this year’s project will act as a pilot for our long-term commitment to address youth unemployment!

Throughout the year, Desmos will work directly with the participants of the program in order to monitor the progress, results and impact of their work and we will publish regular updates on our website, social media (facebooktwitter) and newsletter .

Since January 2012, Desmos has worked to distribute surpluses to a huge network of charities in Greece and has covered the needs of 455 NGOs distributing goods & services worth more than €1,780,000. This was accomplished due to donations by more than 200 companies and hundreds of individuals in a dynamic and sustainable network.

“Desmos for Youth” is an initiative that began with the idea of one man and is executed thanks to the thousands of you who joined this effort. Your contribution to the Greek Crowdfund campaign has given us the necessary funds to launch an ambitious project for Greek youths but, most importantly, it has provided vital encouragement to continue working for a better future for Greece. We would, once again, like to thank you for supporting Greece.

In order to be eligible for the program “Desmos for Youth” please follow the steps below:

  1. If you are a charity, you should contact the candidate of your choice and, if the formal requirements are met, start the preparation of the application together and collect the necessary paperwork to be submitted by the candidate, along with your proposal.
  2. If you are between the ages of 18 and 28 years old and unemployed, you should contact the charity you would like to work for and, if the formal requirements are met, start the preparation of the application and collection of the necessary paperwork to be submitted along with your proposal.

Since we understand the diversity of the needs of charitable organisations, we are expecting proposals both for new, independent projects, as well as existing positions within the organization. In any case, the aim of this initiative is to allow charities across Greece to hire someone new through this program, which will have a measurable impact on the work of the organization, as well as society at large.

“Desmos for Youth” is open for all non-profit organizations performing humanitarian and social work, even if they haven’t previously collaborated with Desmos.

The deadline for submitting proposals is Sunday, October 18, 2015. Update! The new deadline for applications is Sunday, October 25th, 2015.

The proposal should be submitted by the candidate, in consultation with the nominated charity, and will be assessed on the job description, the impact on the work of the organization and the society at large, but also the candidate’s overall profile.

Successful candidates will be announced after Monday, November 9, 2015. (note that the timing may be changed)

Below you will find all the necessary information regarding your participation in the program: (available only in Greek)

  1. Application form (questionnaire).
  2. Letter of Desire of Cooperation (template).
  3. Terms and Conditions – Process and Timeline.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions.

We recommend that you carefully read all relevant information provided above, in order to ensure you fully understand the requirements and submit a complete proposal. For any additional clarification, please contact Ms. Irini Papagiannouli at irini.desmos@gmail.com or Desmos’ offices at (+30) 216 9001320.

Good luck!

* Please note that the final amount available for the program “Desmos for Youth”, following third party fees regarding the transfer of the raised funds to Desmos and the fulfilment of the campaign’s obligations, will be lower than the total amount raised. Once the above have been completed, there will be a relevant update.