Through the program “Desmos for Youth” a total of 11 previously unemployed youths started working at 11 social welfare organizations, thanks to donations of The Hellenic InitiativeVisa Hellas and Desmos’ crowdfunding campaign Greece Works!

The program includes a wide range of fields and disciplines and we are extremely pleased that through the program capable youths will have the opportunity to work for a year on their field of interest, gaining significant professional experience while helping people in need.

Anna-Maria, Penelope, Lucia, Marilena, Thanassi, Elvira, Nadia, Chris, Olympia, Amalia and Emmanuela we wholeheartedly welcome you to the program!

We wish everyone the best of luck in their new positions and we are looking forward to see how their achievements benefit society.

A brief acquaintance with the selected organizations and youths:

Anna Maria Vouzouneraki
Position created: Work Advisor / Educator

The project focuses on improving the integration of immigrants and refugees in the Greek market, by improving their personal skills. The Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity examines the Greek market and the opportunities created by it for both immigrants and refugees, while trying to sensitize the businesses and the employers about diversity in the business field.


Penelope Vitali
Position created: Psychologist

Theotokos Foundation aims to psychologically support and educate disabled people, as well as their families. The goal of this project is the continuous monitoring and evaluation of their progress concerning their cognitive and psychosocial development as well as their social adaptation.


Lucia Argiriadou
Position created: Sponsorships Manager

Callisto focuses on the study, protection and management of populations and habitats of large carnivores, bears, wolves and other endangered species of wildlife. These actions are about the preservation of wildlife, focusing on large mammals, as well as the coexistence of these species with human beings, underlining the beauty of nature, the value of diversity and the right to live.


Marilena Andrikopoulou
Position created: Project Manager and Academic Educational Advisor

SciCo (Science Communication) Organization has as a main goal the Communication of Science to the public, with the main goals of diffusing science to combat scientific illiteracy and empowering youths with skills. The main dissemination tool based on the aforementioned is the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) educational approach.


GIVMED (Athens)
Thanassis Vratimos
Position created: Development manager
The main goal of the organization is raising awareness among the Greek community about the problem of excess medicine, supporting public interest entities which cannot cover the medical needs of their beneficiaries and the promotion of technology as a tool to fight and resolve social problems. The position of the Development Manager at GIVMED includes the development of strategy, fundraising and the organization’s partners network.


Elvira Krithari
Position created:  Reporter for English-language multimedia reportage
AthensLive is a newly founded media non-profit startup based in Athens, dedicated to covering the most important and under-reported stories. Its mission is to change the agenda in Greece’s media, by creating a sustainable independent media outlet and fostering a culture of excellence in journalism in a widely corrupted scene. AthensLive is an innovative, dynamic media-house with a passion for great storytelling.


Nadia Zournatsidi
Position created: Physical education teacher
The purpose of the organization is to help disabled people socialize through sport activities, shooting trainings, sports and educational programs such as the “Paralympic Day in Schools”, which combined together help greatly with the empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities.


Christos Skiadopoulos
Position created: Psychologist
The aim of the project is the psychological support of prisoners and their families who are confronted daily with the stigma and social exclusion, as well as the psychological support of groups facing severe stressful situations that may lead them to depression.


Olympia Kokka
Position created: Executive director
The aim of the project is to promote entrepreneurship in Greece, starting with the largest cities of Crete, through a complete program for skill development for the beneficiaries with training, workshops, meetings, games and educational visits.


Amalia Dimopoulou

Position created: Researcher / Author of Educational Material

“Xenios Polis” is a new, major and dynamic effort, founded in early 2016 and based on both the enthusiasm of young scientists and the support of recognized academic scholars. The team is carrying out research about the education of immigrants, a comparative study of the European example. It creates a holistic Adult Refugee Education Program and supports the educational needs of refugees, both at a group and individual level.



Emmanuela Niraki
Position created: Time Exchange Bank Manager and Psychologist

The core of the project is the empowerment of people from vulnerable social groups and their reintegration into society through their assimilation to the Time Exchange Bank. The goal of the Time Exchange Bank is to become a tool for providing the appropriate psychological and social support in order to offer people a chance to discover and exploit their potential, their feeling of acceptance and learn how to cooperate, while being able to cover daily needs at a low cost, contributing to the reduction of stress in their everyday life.


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