In September we celebrated the commencement of the program “Desmos for Youth” for the second consecutive year. The event was attended by both new and old participants of the program, but also by Thom Feeney!

With the second year of “Desmos for Youth” already underway and with the participants working at the organizations of their preference, a reunion between the members, in an informal setting, seemed like a good idea. So it happened! We got together in the hospitable area of the “Organosis Gi” @Κ44 where we met the new participants of “Desmos for Youth” and found out about the valuable social service that each and every one of them carry out through their work!

Watch a short video of the event here!

We were accompanied by Thom Feeney, the person who initiated the program in 2015 and who supported us this year with Desmos’ “Greece Works!” campaign. In fact, Thom and his wife Poppy continued their holiday in Greece with a visit to Santorini. At this point, we would like to thank The Vasilicos – Caldera Heritage Suites for their hospitality and for making their trip even more special and memorable.

This year the “Desmos for Youth” program is being implemented thanks to the generous support of The Hellenic Initiative, Visa Hellas and the donors of the “Greece Works!” campaign from all over the world.