TIMA Charitable Foundation supported the “Desmos Gives Warmth” program for the second consecutive year!

After last year’s extremely successful cooperation with TIMA, the donation of which gave “warmth” to 30 Elderly Care Units throughout Greece, providing help to 1,798 people in need, this winter we cooperate again having TIMA Charitable Foundation on our side for the 5th consecutive year of  the “Desmos Gives Warmth” program implemented by Desmos.

Our goal this year is to offer a warm environment to as many people as possible and, thanks to TIMA Charitable Foundation’s donation, to further increase the impact of the program.

We would like to thank TIMA Charitable Foundation for their support, their trust and for their generous donation thanks to which we will be able to support the target group of the Foundation, elderly people.

Stay tuned because the refuelings just started during these extremely cold days of the winter!