Desmos gave “warmth” for the 5th consecutive year and the program “Desmos Gives Warmth” for winter 2016-2017 came to its end!

We at Desmos are full of joy, pride and emotion since we have managed through this program and thanks to the donations from companies, charitable foundations and hundreds of individuals to help those in need!

This year’s donors are TIMA Charitable Foundation, John S. Latsis Foundation, Kessaris Schools, ELAIS Unilever, ISOMAT company, η Hellenic Capital Partners and hundreds of many individuals who supported our sms crowdfunding campaign or even donated an amount to Desmos’ account supporting the specific program. We warmly thank all and each one of you separately!

Our reward: the thousands of smiles of the beneficiaries from the schools and social welfare organizations from Creta to Rodopi!

This year we have managed to:

1)offer 122,699 liters of heating fuels to 64 social welfare organizations and schools
2)support 3.007 people through the program

During the five years of implementation of the program, Desmos managed to provide 537 tons of heating fuel and 9.9 tons of pellet to 324 organizations and schools across Greece “giving -that way- warmth” to 16,832 people in need!

We certainly own a huge thank you to our volunteers who helped with the implementation of the program this year too!

You can find here the Final Report including information about the program, copies of the invoices and pictures taken during the refuelings!