Desmos warmly thanks LIDL for their continuous support and assistance to our work. This time, the company LIDL in Thessaloniki offered male, female and children’s items of clothing. These were donated via Desmos to the Central Association for Multi-member Families in Thessaloniki, “Oi Agioi Pantes”, to meet the needs of the association which accounts for hundreds of members.

“Oi Agioi Pantes” is a non-profit organisation that provides support to large and single-parent families. It operates exclusively thanks to its members’ subscriptions and citizens taking initiative. It serves more than 30 families on a weekly basis. It provides food, clothes, toys, cleaning supplies, toiletries etc to large and single-parent families in need.

This donation is particularly important for one more reason! The company LIDL ELLAS & Co. conducted its donation using the VAT exemption processThis way, the organisation benefited and at the same time the donor company was acquitted by the imposition of VAT.

Once again we would like to thank the company LIDL ELLAS & Co.