An extremely important collaboration continues!

Today, the blood sampling was completed at the second organization, the House for Girls “Filothei of Athens”, in Agia Paraskevi, thanks to the cooperation between Desmos and the Attikon Hospital!

In total, 18 children, ages 1-16, benefited from these general blood tests and biochemical examinations offered by the Attikon Hospital, through Desmos!

Desmos would like to warmly thank once again, the Attikon Hospital for their offer and especially the Director of the Blood Laboratory – Blood Donation Unit, Argyris Tsante, the Director of the Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry, Kleanthi Dima, the researchers and brilliant volunteers Electra Loukopoulou and Nikos Spanos who conducted the blood draws at the facilities of the organization, the human resources of the two Laboratories, as well as the personnel of the House of Girls “Filothei of Athens” for their valuable assistance at every stage leading to the realisation of the tests!

Marlen Sinthom, one of Desmos’ valued volunteers, who was the catalyst for this cooperation and the connecting link for all of us, was with us yet again in order to assist with the implementation of this action!

Thank you all so much!