The extremely heavy and intense rainfall on August 8, flooded the southwest part of Evia around Chalkida on the banks of the rivers Lilantas and Messapios, leaving 7 dead. 

The villages that suffered the greatest damages were Vasilika, Kontodespoti, Lefkanti, Bourtzi, Stavro, and Psahna. The residents of the afflicted areas are dealing with multiple challenges as hundreds of houses are destroyed and households devastated. With the help of municipal agencies, local organizations, and volunteers the residents have been able to clean the houses still standing from the mud and debris. 

We are in close communication with organizations and municipalities to understand and document the needs of the local communities. 

So far, 84 families that have been able return back to their houses in Bourtzi and Politika, have lost valuable and important household appliances. In collaboration with the Cultural Association of St. Nicholas in Bourtzi, we hope that you will be able to help us provide to the most vulnerable:

  • 35 refrigerators  
  • 32 washing machines 
  • 29 stove & ovens  οικιακής χρήσης
  • 4 tables with chairs 
  • 1 single bed with mattress
  • 1 range-hood

A group of active citizens in collaboration with Desmos is currently running a crowdfund in support of the flood victims. You may support our effort here. 

At the same time, we are activating our network of donors for in-kind donations to contribute in covering these immediate needs.  

Thank you for your continuous trust in Desmos. We will keep you posted with updates on the situation in Evia and any additional needs that occur.  

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