In response to the earthquakes in Kefalonia on 26th January 2014 the award-winning company, Ancient Greek Sandals (AGS), entrusted Desmos and began to accumulate 1€ per pair of jelly sandals they sell worldwide to support the Nursing Home Argostoliou (Oiko Eugirias Argostoliou) in the seismogenic island.

The main source of financing of the Nursing Home Argostoliou for the period up to the earthquake was the leasing of an office building in the center of Argostoli, which has 16 offices. As a result of the earthquake and the continuous intense aftershocks, the building was initially declared non-habitable by the Primary Review Committee, while later, was described as partially repairable. However, 14 of the 16 offices were judged as unusable, which resulted in a 90% decrease in the income from the property. The operating expenses of the Nursing Home are financed by sporadic private donations and any subsistence for guests given by E.O.P.Y.Y. Currently it employs 20 people, noting significant cuts from 30 people employed in 2008.

The AGS company, through Desmos, has managed to cover the greater needs of the Nursing Home, providing 10 hospital beds for bedridden patients. Furthermore, AGS’ donation managed to cover the costs for the replacement of out-of-date portable oxygen concentrators with modern ones!

We thank the company for its initiative and support of senior citizens through Desmos. We will update the post with photos of the deliveries within the next week!