You can contribute to Desmos’ work in many ways. One such way is asking for cash donations instead of christening gifts for Baptisms. This time two families preferred not to accept gifts but to motivate guests at the baptism of their infants to offer to children in need through Desmos. So, through the baptism of their sons they gathered 10.023 €, with which we were given the opportunity to supply the Orthopedic Department and Intensive Care Unit of the General Children’s Hospital of Athens “P. & A. Kyriakou ” with necessary equipment and consumables.

The goods we offered to the hospital were the following:

hospital trolley bed
hospital trolley
testing projector
hospital testing bed for infants
finger pulse oximeter
portable pulse oximeter
2 multi-functional printers
baby ultrasound trolley
10 hospital pillows
10 bed sheets
3,700 pcs neonatal urine collectors
11 support pillows
600 pcs pads for stent retention
5 lt disinfection liquid for high-risk areas – warmers
2 inks for multi-functional printers
stationery equipment

We thank the families wholeheartedly and wish them well!