Right from the start we stood by the people affected by the flood of Mandra. By recording their needs and offering goods based on those needs, we tried to provide the biggest possible comfort to the citizens of Mandra.

We offered food from various companies like Elbisco and cleaning equipment with rainboots from Thenamaris!

The online store myshoe.gr of Minoglou CO, visit offered new pairs of rainboots during our very first!

Teachers and employees of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens offered water, diapers and baby items, while the firm Marketing Greece contributed with baby products and diapers, as we were informed by the Mandra officials that they were necessary!

Just this week we made our third visit to the field, where along with Ethelon, we offered detergents, diapers and food, essential goods gathered under #KindnessRevolution in 9 Flocafe shops and La Pasteria throughout Attica!

The public and company response was very moving and still carries on. This will give us the chance to support the Mandra area further, in order to support the population’s recovery!

Stay tuned for more!