Desmos’ key priority has always been to identify ways to make impactful giving easier and efficient for everyone, creating win-win situations across the board.

For 27 years, VAT imposition on donations of surplus goods posed a serious counter-incentive for Greek businesses to donate goods that are perfect for use, but imperfect for commercial circulation, making  it more financially sound to destroy products than donating them to those more vulnerable. Addressing two challenges at once – bringing our zero-waste philosophy into the private sector ecosystem while removing counter-incentives for charitable giving – Desmos spearheaded a major legislative endeavor to change the way we give in Greece forever!

In 2014, a legislative amendment drafted by Desmos and supported by the government, was voted on in the Greek Parliament. Greece currently has one of the most progressive policies on corporate surplus giving in Europe, thanks to Desmos!  

Because of Desmos’ initiative companies are finally able to donate surplus goods to charitable organizations, without paying additional VAT for the items they are giving away.  

Browse through the full legislation here and applications (Issue Gov. 903V ‘/ 2014) here.

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