An expatriate made a touching contribution through which we were able to support 5 child care institutions and secure their visit to Terata – the Musical. The Christodouleio Child Protection Foundation, the SOS Children’s Village of Vari and the Child and Family Support Centre SOS, the Hatzikiriakio Foundation for Child Protection and the “Good Shepherd” – Piraeus Juvenile Protection Society, were the organizations that had the opportunity to watch the show. In total 166 people, children and guardians, attended while saying the best things and escaping reality in the most pleasant way! Such actions are very important and help us to offer the joy evident through the organizations’ statements;

“It is worthwhile to let you know how excited the children were, as were their guides, for their participation in this activity. We would also like you to know that we are grateful for the excellent organisation of our transportation and the spectacular show […] As long as there are friends like you, it is certain that the SOS Children’s Villages can offer love, care and family warmth to every child that had the misfortune to be deprived of the above at some point in their life. “
SOS Children’s Village of Vari

“We also thank the donor that through you (Desmos) covered the transportation costs and the cost of the tickets for the performance “Terata” that the kids still talk about. […] We would like to thank you  once again for the chance you gave to our girls to have fun and expand their vision. We wholeheartedly wish you merry Christmas.”
Christodouleio Orphanage for Girls

We would like to thank those special people who helped us make some of the feelings above a reality!