Teens For Teens is a volunteer group that came to life as a response to the exceptional conditions of the COVID19 Pandemic. The first lockdown brought an amazing wave of volunteers seeking ways to take action.

We had to face challenges such as the protective measures against COVID19 which automatically excluded the possibility of accepting in-person volunteerism and at the same time an increased number of recorded needs by the organizations in our network and numerous individuals, especially teenagers expressing a will to help. True to our mission to use every giving act for the common good, we became creative.

The idea was simple: We matched specific requests, especially needs of less fortunate kids, with our young volunteers.
Since May 2020, when the idea of “Teens For Teens” was born, teen volunteer groups have become an integral part of Desmos. Anyone is eligible, as far as we can find a common ground and interest. Following a request to join Teens For Teens we conduct online interviews in order to pinpoint special interests, skills, and capacity of the individual or team and we assign them with specific missions.

Our volunteers develop valuable skills, they gain important life experiences while offering meaningful work! Once a mission is completed we provide each volunteer with a presentation of what they have accomplished and a letter of recommendation.

For more information and/or to express your interest you can contact info@desmos.org