A teenagers’ journey around Kefalonia with a canoe-kayak for a good cause.

Dimitris Veroutis, a permanent resident of Kefalonia, is a 14-year-old Junior High School student. Despite his young age, he is also a volunteer forest firefighter, having been a member of EOD Kefalonias over the past year.

Amongst his peers and friends, he is known for his love of nature, outdoor activities, and his restless spirit.

Dimitris decided to join the Teens for Teens movement in his own, unique way.

“During the past year with the pandemic in full force and witnessing the difficulties our society is facing I decided I wanted to do something to help my island.”

Dimitris will paddle the circumference of Kefalonia by canoe-kayak in order to raise funds to support the pediatric department of the General Hospital of Kefalonia, as well as for the Voluntary Forest Firefighting Team of Kefalonia (EOD) he is a volunteer of.

His love for his hometown has been the driving force behind his decision. Proud to be a Cephalonian, Dimitris decided that the best way to help his local community is to showcase the islands’ beauty and to “take us” with him on this challenging journey.

Weather permitting he will begin on May 3rd, 2021 and with his coach George Potamianos by his side, he will embark on his endeavor over the following six days.

You can follow Dimitris’s effort on his Social Media, Facebook and Instagram, as well as through Desmos’ Social Media: Facebook and Instagram where there will be frequent updates.

You can support his effort here by choosing Paddling for Kefalonia as the purpose of your donation.

To date, since May 2020, when Teens For Teens began, volunteer efforts instigated by teenagers have become an integral part of Desmos’ work. Teenagers offer important and meaningful work, while undertaking a mission that is of special interest to them. They cooperate, take action, and become active citizens while at the same time they develop valuable skills and gain important life experiences for themselves!

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