Public & and MediaMarkt, part of Olympia Group, in collaboration with Desmos donate electronics equipment and necessary household appliances to 21 Children’s Welfare Organizations throughout Greece.

The Olympia Group responded effectively to Desmos’ call for support and joined forces with us to support the work of these institutions by helping them adapt and address the new challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restricted mobility government measures, as well as enable them to face an upcoming lockdown in the fall 2020.

Specifically, Public & MediaMarkt donated through Desmos 514 electronic devices, including laptops and tablets, and 19 household appliances to organizations across Greece, as part of the greater COVID-19 Response initiative by the Olympia Group.

Desmos has created the Desmos COVID-19 Response project since the early days of the pandemic measures in Greece and has facilitated donations that exceed €1.5 million in in-kind and financial donations to support and protect vulnerable groups in our country.

Maintaining open channels of communication with more than 800 charitable organizations, social welfare providers, and vulnerable groups, Desmos has been able to gain insight on their increased needs during the past months. Growing needs include nutritional products, personal protective equipment, medical equipment and supplies, cleaning and sanitary supplies, technological equipment, even transportation vehicles.

Desmos is the hub between donors and charitable organizations, effectively matching each donation to where it is mostly needed. We are proud because, in 8 years of operation, we have managed to gain the confidence of charitable organizations in the country as well as the trust and love of individual, corporate and institutional donors. Our wide network enables us to make the donation process easy, efficient, and 100% transparent.