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Vasiliki Karopoulou

Vasiliki Karopoulou

Social Worker - Ladies Union of Drama

Vasiliki Karopoulou is a graduate of the Department of Social Administration and Political Science, specializing in Social Work.

Through the program, she started working for the Ladies Union of Drama as a Social Worker, coordinating a new-founded project that will be implemented in order to respond to the prevailing needs that have risen due to the COVID-19.
As a Social Worker, she is in charge of the accommodation and service of new beneficiaries that come into contact with the organization during the pandemic, while providing counseling to young unemployed individuals ranging from 18-35 years old. She is also liable for helping those individuals improve their CVs and increase their employability as well as suggesting professional opportunities and job search websites. Vasiliki will offer counseling to beneficiaries that have experienced life changes (e.g. an unemployed mother that has been divorced recently) helping them smoothly acclimatize and adjust to their new living conditions. She will be further providing psychological support to the elderly and informing them about pertinent public and private services/helplines they can access. Finally, in cooperation with other employees, she will create a handbook that will include emergency and handy telephone numbers together with a guide providing useful advice on managing the psychological and social impact of the pandemic.

Ladies Union of Drama – House of Open Hospitality is a recognized Non-Governmental Charitable Association, based in Drama, which started its operation informally in 1904 and acquired its first statute in 1929. It aims to provide social, humanitarian, and cultural support to the citizens, targeting vulnerable groups, as well as to contribute to the confrontation of the humanitarian and social crisis. It is a charity with benevolent and educational purposes, aiming to develop solidarity, combat gender violence, xenophobia and racism, and raise public awareness of equality and human rights.
The main objective of the association is the provision of social welfare, social care and the activation of the civil society in this direction through various events and information means.