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Stelios Myrogiannis

Stelios Myrogiannis

Driver of the Metamorphosis van - Immortaliting

Stelios is now the driver of the Metamorphosis van. His duties are the transfer of the van to the predetermined action points, the functionality of the mobile unit, and its maintenance, in cooperation with the workshops that have undertaken the service, both as a vehicle and in terms of the functional parts of its conversion, the adequacy of water for the operation of the shower, the replenishment of stocks of consumables (towels, personal hygiene items, and personal care), the replenishment of clean clothes to serve the homeless, depending on sizes, demand, and seasonality. Maintaining and updating the list of needs of the homeless, for things they need and possibly can be provided with (mattresses, air heaters, blankets, etc.).

In his own words: “Having successfully completed the reintegration program, I decided to help other fellow human beings. Today I am studying mental health counseling, to help those who want to win back their lives. Through Immortaliting, I can get in touch with homeless people. Immortaliting believed me and Desmos gave me the opportunity. Thanks to this position, I see how I was, and I show them through my path how they can become if they believe in themselves”.