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Natalia Kelepouri

Natalia Kelepouri

Special education teacher - INITIATIVE FOR THE CHILD

Natalia is working as a special education teacher at the INITIATIVE FOR THE CHILD. This position aims for the improvement of the benefited children’s school performance and the development of their social skills so that better social integration and peer acceptance are achieved for them. A descriptive assessment of the learning needs of every benefited child will be carried out by the SE teacher, and a personalized special education program will be created for any child deemed necessary. Additionally, the SE teacher will communicate and cooperate with the children’s school teachers, in order to achieve better outcomes. All these techniques are expected to lead to a substantial learning gap filling for the benefited children and to enhance their academic performance to a significant level.

In her own words: “Being accepted into the Desmos for Youth program is extremely important to me as it gives me the opportunity to utilize my potential in the field of special education for children with learning difficulties and to evaluate them having in mind their academic progress, their de-stigmatization, and their socializing”.