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Michalis Efstathiou

Michalis Efstathiou

Land Worker | Stagones

Through the program “Desmos for Youth | North Evia”, Michalis Efstathiou started to collaborate with the social cooperative enterprise Stagones, where he will be in charge of the whole process related to the cultivation and care of pomegranates up to the final processing and distribution to the stores.
The social cooperative enterprise Stagones is a cooperative venture created by people who consciously moved to the Greek countryside. Their main occupations are the cultivation of pomegranates, the production of their own pomegranate juice as well as the promotion of these activities through experiential education programs. The crops are located in Kirinthos in North Evia and can be visited by anyone who wants to see up close how they cultivate them.

Find out more and ways you can support them on Stagones’ Facebook page (!