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Lamprini Georgiou

Lamprini Georgiou

Gender Equality & Inclusion Specialist - Genderhood

Lamprini Georgiou is a graduate of the Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology of the University of Ioannina with further training in Expressive Art Therapy. After working for two years at the refugee field in structures to protect vulnerable children and women who have experienced gender-based violence, in March 2019 she found herself in a Zambian school organizing human rights workshops for children and adolescents. She has been a member of feminist and LGBTQI groups and integrates the gender dimension into all the activities she organizes. In 2020 she started working voluntarily in Genderhood and now as an employee through the Desmos for Youth program, she continues her active contribution to a society of equality and gender-free expression.

Through the program, she started working in Genderhood as a Gender Equality & Inclusion Specialist. Her responsibilities include the design and implementation of an innovative tool for educating children and parents on children’s rights, equality, and the prevention of domestic violence. A point of reference is a training box (Genderbox), which introduces society to the culture of consent. Genderbox will travel and therefore reach locations beyond major urban centers to raise awareness of a population growing with limited inputs on gender equality.

Genderhood is a non-profit organization that acts on promoting gender equality and preventing gender bias. It defends human rights via active learning and art practices. The organization designs educational programs, socio-cultural activities, and creative workshops aimed at all children and adults with no exceptions. Genderhood´s mission is to contribute to a society where individuals could achieve and fulfill their potentials regardless of their gender.