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Kostantinos Balalas

Kostantinos Balalas

Communication Manager | Commercial and Professional Association of Pefki - Artemisiou "IPPEAS"

Kostantinos Balalas is a student at the School of Business Administration of the University of Piraeus. His passion is digital culture & technology, with knowledge of photography and video editing. Within the framework of his cooperation with the Commercial & Professional Association of Pefki “Ippeas” he will be active as a Communication Manager, he will undertake the promotion and tourism promotion of the Municipality of Istiaea as well as the wider area of ​​Northern Evia. Through the use of audio-visual material (photos-videos), the goal is to highlight local initiatives such as voluntary actions, and cultural, school, and sports events and activities. The purpose of this job is to display the area with audio-visual material in the media and promote the landscapes of natural beauty, and cultural heritage monuments of Northern Evia as well as to strengthen sectors affected by the fires of 2021 with the creation of documentaries. Also, to promote the project, and the activities of the Association in social media, local media, and newspapers as well as in the creation of articles for the website. The Commercial and Professional Association “Ippeas” has been active in recent years based in Pefki and its members include restaurants, supermarkets, tourist shops, and hotels. With over 120 active members, Ippeas aims and tries with every means to project and highlight the beauties of this place.

The aim of the association is to highlight the business characteristics of the region and to participate in exhibitions promoting local goods and local culture, and traditional customs. After the difficult period due to the virus and the fire in the summer of 2021, the local economy took a heavy blow and the promotion of this place is a necessity. The main objective of the association is to highlight the place and strengthen the commercial activities of the professionals in the area.