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Katerina Antoniadi

Katerina Antoniadi

Project Manager - Youthnest

Having worked in various international environments (European institutions, Universities, NGOs), Katerina Antoniadi has a strong background and experience in project management and efficient operation.

Her adaptive and communicative skills have supported her effective resource management, taking into account the needs of the stakeholders and the objectives of each project. Her work at CEDEFOP has developed her professionally in the field of Vocational Education and Training, as well as in the design and management of projects required to comply with the directives of the European Commission. Through Mondiaal and the United Nations University (Maastricht Netherlands), she has enriched her knowledge in both curriculum design and coordination, as well as the research design. Her collaboration with four research laboratories has expanded her work experience inside and outside the academic environment. Finally, her participation in the Master’s Excellence Program that focused on students with excellent performance, but also her participation in the Comenius program have further boosted her experience in working with clients, together with her technical skills.

Through the program, she started working at Youthnest as a Project Manager. From her position, she will focus on the upgrade of 3 Greek health services at a regional and national level (eg Public Hospital Service) in order to create innovative processes for tracking the needs of citizens, a digital mapping, and a step-by-step simple service design. Katerina’s knowledge and experience in project management will structure processes, training and guides, which will strengthen a new innovative way of thinking in the local authorities of the country with significant long-term systemic and sustainable results.
Youthnest focuses on creating holistic processes that face the social challenges in Greece directly and in an organized way, utilizing modern methodologies and taking into account the real needs of the citizens. To achieve this, Youthnest creates holistic processes (projects & services) on social issues, while interactively training the stakeholder (e.g. civil servant) in modern methodologies (project management, service design, systemic change, impact assessment, etc. and in the design of useful toolboxes in Greek, while investing in the transfer of knowledge from best case practices. In the last 5 years, Youthnest has managed to involve more than 30,000 citizens in their projects and training.