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Ioanna Grivaki

Ioanna Grivaki

Creative Employment Manager | Cultural Association of Papades

Ioanna is a resident of the community of Pappades, originally from Vasilika Evia. Within the framework of the program, she will take over the operation of the Creative Employment Center for the children of the community, while at the same time, she will also see through activities for adults. The space of the former Kindergarten of Papades, which is already used by the Cultural Association, will function as a modern Creative space for children in preschool (morning classes) and primary education (afternoon classes), thus offering a long-awaited solution for new parents and their children.

The Cultural Association of Papades completes this year over a third century of life, playing all these years, a dominant role in the progress and development of the village, numbering over 200 members in total. The first years of the Association’s operation were difficult, but with the passion of the people who surrounded it, it did not take long to highlight its work both in terms of entertainment and education, as well as in the creation of legacy structures for the place.