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Dimitris Kissoudis

Dimitris Kissoudis

Social Worker - ARSIS

Dimitris is hired as a Social Worker at ARSIS. The employee will make a needs assessment of the Roma communities located in the wider area of Thessaloniki, undertake the primary psychosocial support of the people that he will come into contact, their interconnection with other services/structures active in the city, care for the provision of basic necessities as they will result from the needs assessment stage, and will be responsible for the creation of the peer group and the framing of the peer group.

In his own words: “I am very happy to begin my professional career with a program that aims to highlight the voice and needs of people who are members of Roma communities. A program that aspires to make use of all the services of ARSIS as well as the services provided by the local authorities and services in general, to provide a stable and integrated support environment for the framing of the individual needs of each person”.