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Dimitra Paraskevopoulou

Dimitra Paraskevopoulou

Story Teller - Me Alla Matia

Dimitra joins the disabled workforce of NPO “ΜE ALLA MATIA“, as a Story Teller, supporting the efforts to eliminate the underrepresentation of the disabled in the public sphere. They will work on disability-raising awareness programs so that, through them, stereotypes and prejudices against the social exclusion of disabled people will be removed. Their duties concern the organization’s outreach to the disabled community and socially vulnerable groups in general, strengthening its sustainability, and empowering the disabled.

In her own words: “The Desmos for Youth program will help me develop my skills, gain experience, develop a strong CV, and -along with all that- change the mindset of society towards inclusion, which is what I’m all about through my art and volunteering. I am finally given the opportunity to exist in the employment arena as a disabled person, which is usually a con, supporting other disabled people to find their voice and reducing the social barriers that disable us.”