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Christos Vlachoutsikos

Christos Vlachoutsikos

Technical Director and Organizational Manager | PAS OLYMPIAKOS LIMNIS

Through the program “Desmos for Youth | North Evia”, Christos Vlachoutsikos started working with the association PAS OLYMPIAKOS LIMNIS, as Technical Director and Organizational Manager of the Association with the aim of improving the quality of the sports services provided and offering administrative support for new activities such as the operation of a summer camp, the organization of competitions as well as voluntary and cultural activities in the area. Christos, after completing his studies in the Department of Social Anthropology and History at the University of the Aegean in Mytilini, returned to his place of origin, Lake North Evia, and his love and constant involvement in sports were an ideal opportunity for this collaboration.

The Sports Association PAS Olympiakos Limni is a dynamic organization that numbers 89 male and 2 female athletes and organizes several social and sports activities for the local community.