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Vassiliki Ntzoufra

Vassiliki Ntzoufra

Due Diligence Officer

Vasiliki studied Psychology at Deree College and continued her studies in the UK graduating from Brunel University where she received a Master of Science in Social
Anthropology Of Children and Child Development and gained expertise on understanding of children’s developmental stages and challenges and opportunities of Childhood. With a professional scope on people’s protection, empowerment and wellbeing she takes action through multiple cooperations and networking with multiple actors of Civil Society for the promotion and change of people’s continuation of life and improvement. In 2016 she started working with SolidarityNow where she identified and covered the multiple needs of the beneficiaries of the ESTIA programme with the support of multi-functional teams and social actors. In 2019 she joined the team Desmos as Due Diligence Officer.

Fun fact: Vasiliki cooperated with the team of DESMOS when she was working with SolidarityNow and she was really impressed by the effective solutions they provided in order to cover the everyday needs of the beneficiaries.